Enacting Autism and Inclusion is a Project Re•Vision multimedia storytelling project led by researcher Patty Douglas to bring together autistic people, family members, educators and artists to rethink educational inclusion in ways that desire the difference of autism.


Autism and Inclusion is phase one of the larger project, Enacting Critical Disability Communities in Education, a research grant led by Patty and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Phase two of this larger project will share multimedia stories created in our storytelling workshops along with a short documentary about the project to foster professional and public awareness about autism and inclusion through forums such as professional development workshops with educators and film festivals.


Patty Douglas is the lead researcher on the Enacting project. She is an Assistant Professor of critical disability studies in the Faculty of Education at Brandon University, and a Research Affiliate with Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice. Patty uses critical, feminist, disability studies and arts-informed approaches to speak back to exclusionary systems, open space for different ways of being and transform deficit model understandings of disability in education. Patty is a former special education teacher in Toronto, and mother of two sons, one of whom attracted the label autism.